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Colic in Babies and Children

Does your baby cry excessively for no apparent reason? It might be possible that the baby is

experiencing Colic.

Some common symptoms of Colic are:

  • Intense crying that is difficult to soothe. This occurs typically in the late afternoon or evening

  • Changes in posture during a colic episode, such as leg curling, fist clenching, and stiffening of

abdominal muscles

  • Bowel movements or passing of gas towards the end of a colic episode.

The causes of Colic in babies are not exactly clear. It could stem from various factors, such as:

  • Body tension hindering the passage of gas or stools

  • An underdeveloped digestive system and/or lactose intolerance

  • Sensory overload triggered by excessive noise, bright lights, or other environmental stimuli

  • Acid Reflux

  • Elevated levels of parental stress or anxiety

Physiotherapy can help provide Colic relief through non-medicinal, gentle hands-on techniques and

parental education. We look at areas of tension in your baby’s body that could be causing them pain

or discomfort, and educate parents on ways to promote relaxation in the baby.


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