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What do I wear and or bring to my Physiotherapy session?

  • Please dress in your normal, daily attire, be it business or casual clothes. You will always be modestly draped with a towel should, we need to access a body area. However, wearing or bringing a pair of shorts to change into, is a good option especially, if we are doing any spinal, lower limb, or exercise work.

  • Please also bring along a doctor’s referral if any.

  • Please bring along investigation reports such as X-ray, MRI reports, or medical reports

  • If you are coming in for a pelvic floor muscle, bladder, or bowel concern PLEASE where possible come in with a semi to comfortably full bladder, as this allows for real-time ultrasound scanning of these organs. You can then void after the assessment. 

What are the payment methods available?
You are required to pay on the day of the appointment. You can pay cash, NETS, Pay Lah, Pay Now, or credit card. A receipt will be given to you on the day which may be required for insurance purposes. If you require the diagnosis and treatment given for your session to be written on your receipt, please advise the receptionist prior to the start of your treatment session. As we aim to avoid any interruptions to another person's treatment sessions, once they have commenced the session.  

How long are the sessions?
All consultations are 45 mins duration, this allows adequate time for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

If you have more than one area to address / problem / injury, it is recommended you may need an extended consult such as a 60 mins appointment to allow adequate time to work through each problem.

Please inform the office staff when making an appointment, if you have more than one injury, so they schedule an extended consult.

How many sessions will I need and how often will I need to be treated?
Every client is treated on an individual case by case basis, so we cannot state how many sessions you will need to resolve your concerns, until we have assessed you. After your assessment, the physiotherapist will indicate an approximate number of sessions and the frequency of sessions you may require.

Do I need to see a doctor before my first physiotherapy session to allow for diagnosis and prescription of what physiotherapy to do?
You do not require a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist in Singapore. Our physiotherapist will assess, diagnose, and treat you according to the assessment findings, and goals of treatment. The physiotherapist will refer you to a suggested specialist medical practitioner, should further investigation and or treatment be required. However, if you are intending to make an insurance claim for your sessions, please check with your insurance provider prior to making your booking as some providers do require a doctor’s referral PRIOR to your consultation.

Can I claim physiotherapy through my insurance?

Insurance companies vary on their policy requirements, so please check with your Insurance company PRIOR to making any physiotherapy bookings, as to whether you can claim your session or require a doctor’s referral to see your physiotherapist PRIOR to the session.

Do you do direct billing to insurers?
No, we do not support direct billing to insurers. Please pay for your consultation at the time of service and then claim back from your insurance provider. If you require us to fill out an insurance claim form, please bring it along to the appointment, so the treating physiotherapist can fill this out.

Can you write a report for the Insurance company to assist in my claims?
Yes, the physiotherapist can write a report for Insurance claim purposes HOWEVER we do charge a FEE for this. As the reports are detailed and require significant time to write. Please discuss with our physiotherapist prior to the end of your treatment session the requirements of your report.

Can I bring my baby or toddler to the session?
Yes, all babies and toddlers are welcome to attend the session with you and we will do our best to work around their needs and yours, however, we do suggest where possible for you to bringing a person to assist you, if you feel your toddler may need direct supervision. Your child’s safety is our main concern and we do not have staff to monitor your child while your Physiotherapist is treating you.


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