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Real-Time Ultrasound

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Real-Time Ultrasound Imagery (RTUS) uses sound waves to provide a visual image of muscle, tissue, and ligaments in our bodies. RTUS is not a treatment tool but is a diagnostic and learning modality, that allows the physiotherapist and visual learner a picture and active image of parts of their body and their functioning.

RTUS is a wonderful tool to view the Diastasis Rectus (DR) abdominal muscle separation that may occur because of pregnancy, trauma, birth defect, and or obesity. Measurements can be taken with RTUS and an image stored to view later, to evaluate the success of the physiotherapy program provides great motivation and feedback for both the client and physiotherapist.

RTUS is painless, noninvasive and a fabulous diagnostics tool to allow physiotherapists trained in this area, a platform from which to create an individualized educational exercise or training program for our clients.

In the post-partum period, when mums are very concerned about returning back to exercise, and what kinds of eerie they should be doing - the use of RTUS allows for a clear visual image of their DR separation and from there a return to core fitness and a fun exercise program can be tailored for the client.

RTUS is also a fantastic tool to allow women to view their Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFMs) to see whether the PFMs are working effectively again and to see if any dysfunctions such as changes in muscle tone and recruitment patterns are noted.

RTUS can be used safely while pregnant, as well as after you have delivered your baby. Please come in with a semi-full bladder, as this allows a clear view of the PFMs, no vaginal probe will be used. An RTUS sound head will be placed on your skin in the lower pelvic area to view your bladder and PFMs. This is completely non-invasive and painless. Everyone usually really enjoys seeing their body muscles and how they function from the outside in!

Should you have any further questions on a session using RTUS please email me at or alternatively please call me at PhysioMatters on +65 9352 9067.


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